10 Great Girly WordPress Themes

10 Great Girly WordPress Themes

While most WordPress themes tend to be gender-neutral, every once in a while you come across a great one that could be used by your daughter, your sister, or someone else who wants something that is distinctly feminine in the WordPress Theme category.

Finding a very “girly” WordPress theme is so uncommon that you tend to take note of it and write it down to save. You will get requests to build a WordPress site that is very feminine in nature. Our list of the best of the feminine WordPress Themes that we’ve come across in a long time is below for your use.

Stand by all you girly type girls(or guys). The best of the girly themes for your website are all here in one place. They are gorgeous, simple, flashy and not so simple. Easy to use and easy to install each of these girly style themes has just what it takes to make you feel a little more feminine and fun.

1. Marangal Pink

The Marangal Pink theme for wordpress is an outstanding and very full featured theme that offers you the look of elegance. Deep pink and dark backgrounds mean that you’re sitting pretty on your WordPress site.


2. Seduction

Seduction a premium theme anchored into the fashion trends and celebrity of the day. It has a color-customizable background to fit all feminine tastes. Great features come with the blog and it is widget ready so you can add all those cool plugins to make it really pop.


3. Creative Soul

One of the most unique and superbly stunning of the girly girl themes, Creative soul is a powerful theme that works well with nearly any kind of site. With optional color changes, widget ready, and well balanced, Creative soul will fit in well with anything from a blog to a CMS use of WordPress.

Creative Soul

4. Artworks

Artworks is one of the most beautiful of the free premium wordpress themes. It brings together great artwork with feminine colors that work with any site. Optional methods of layout and setup give you the control that you want over your blog.


5. Bloom

From WPNow comes the outstanding theme known as Bloom. While not strictly “girly” in nature, the perfect teal and gray design make it outstanding for a business site while giving it just a touch of the feminine. If you’re up for some amazing colors and outstanding features, Bloom won’t disappoint you.


6. Simplista

Also from WordPress now, simplista combines gorgeous shades of blue and purple with perfect features in a widget ready site that can take on the world in style. For the feminine side of you, Simplista offers a light color array that can be mitigaged by the featured content slider.


7. Nightlife

One of the premium WordPress themes that are just about perfect if you’re doing reviews of clubs or coffee houses, the colors are bold and the style is flash. Nightlife is that little something more, and is nothing short of captivating.


8. Elements

Premium priced and with a good reason, Elements has a perfect layout for your blog, your CMS or even your online magazine. Whatever your wordpress site is accomplishing for you, it will clearly be enhanced by the use of Elements.


9. Florance

Bright colors and an overall breezy attitude are featured in the Florance theme. Premium in looks but not on price, this outstanding free theme is designed to make your site get a bit more in tune with your feminine side.


10. The Glow

One of our favorite WordPress themes, the premium price for this is more than cost effective. Colorful and mystical, the premium theme will set your site apart from the masses and really make it shine. Useful in both CMS as well as blog mode, The Glow is nothing short of elegant and amazing.