Web Marketing Consultation

Web Marketing Consultation

Analyzing your business to understand your customers needs is the first step to creating a successful e-marketing strategy for your company. With your business, it has a specific target audience looking for unique information. Having a clear understanding of your customers will help us to design the best site possible.

Knowing this information from the start will help to ensure you are getting the highest ROI from your marketing plan.

This initial analysis will also help to establish baselines and create tracking metrics to help measure the effectiveness of your new e-marketing plan.

The key to a successful website is to integrate your web presence with your other public relations, marketing, and sales activity.

Components of analysis

Preferred Customers

If you are a new business, one of your first steps will be to understand your potential customer. Once we know this, we reflect your site developments to cater to those people.

Geographic Market Area

Once you have established your demographic, we now have to set target regions to focus for your marketing efforts. This comes into play for customers that choose our SEO package.

Services & Products

The next step of our analysis is to understand whether your business is to sell a product or service and plan how this information will be displayed and sold.

  • Average Transaction Size
  • Cost of New Customer Acquisition
  • Current Marketing Plan
  • Marketing Budget
  • Current Online Presence

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