Web Video Production

Web Video Production

Video has the potential to deliver a strong marketing message for your company. If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what video can do for you. Aside from web development and marketing, we also help our clients develop their content. Video is a major component of these service options.

How can video be used for your company?

There are many ways to take advantage of video on your website. Whether it be:

  • Corporate Videos and presentations
  • a product showcase video
  • a promotional video to showcase your company

Deliver a message with Motion Graphics

Motion graphic video is the production of video content through digitally created messages. No video is needed to be shot, just give us a message and we will create a presentation to apply to your site.

Web Video Testimonials

Add instant creditability to your website with video testimonials. They add tremendous value that text based testimonials just can’t compare to. View this sample video testimonial we produced for one of our clients:

We can produce highly polished presentations for you to showcase. You can sit down with one of our writers to structure an outline and script of the video. Then we figure out the required elements needed and begin conceptual branding and design with graphical overlay elements. Promotional videos can be with video content or just motion graphics. Both give your brand true professionalism. Here is a sample that we produced:

Video Banners

If you are looking for some extra activity on a page, flash video banners can do the trick. They are great for giving some more interactivity into your subpages. Here is a sample we produced that went with a series of video banners on their site. This one is explaining the day process of their event: