Should Your Company Be Archiving Email?

Should Your Company Be Archiving Email?

It is not just about a  regulatory compliance but the complete performance of your business could have a huge positive boost by sticking to Email Archiving. This one independent system can provide your company a whole new outlook by integrating the enterprise email server for better implementation of its entire activities.

What is Email Archiving?

The systematic approach of saving and shielding data contained in e-mail messages for quick retrieval later on is what Email Archiving is all about. This new system helps the company to salvage necessary data within minutes which is also required to meet the regulatory submissions. For this, the impartial IT application indexes the accumulated email messages using different technical methods. The major objectives served by Email Archiving are:

  • Record retention for regulatory compliance
  • Litigation and lawsuit requirements
  • Fortification  of task critical data
  • Email backup and disaster recovery
  • Monitoring of internal and external email content
  • Plummeting production email server load

What are the Email Archiving Solutions?

Lots of emails are sent and received by an organizations each day. Securing such important email content either directly from the email application itself or during transfer to be stored on magnetic disk storage for future retrieval is the function performed by Email archiving solutions. Some advanced features of such solutions help to store additional information apart from email and attachments like public folders, contacts, calendar, notes, etc.

Email Backup and Disaster Recovery

Endurance requires any organization to efficiently manage its email contents since today this has become the most important medium of communication. Digitalization cannot improve unless such important data being transferred to and from the companies can be stored and retrieved most effectively. Messaging is the forte of IT infrastructure in any organization. The significance of this entire system is well reflected in the decision making process of the organization.

Most organizations do not encouraging deleting old e-mails especially because on a later date, any email might have significant relevance in a lawsuit. Also holding indefinitely emails sent and received by the organization could be a requirement for different kinds of business institutions. This kind of email backup and disaster recovery can only be provided by using Email Archiving services.

Messaging System and Storage Optimization

Though most organizations would be happy to keep on saving all email communications, their storage and indexing is a big nuisance for them as well. Each email takes up some amount of space on the storage device and that is why storage optimization becomes an important aspect for the organization. Without proper utilization of the resources, huge amount of data stored cannot be properly managed. Things like email backup, retrieving, searching, indexing, etc could become a tedious task and could end up taking precious days of the workforce.

The Verdict

Use of Email Archiving helps Microsoft exchange to keep the messaging system in up-to-date state. It helps to improve the level of performance of email server for primary use and exchange of email messages. Also this helps to avoid deleting all the old emails and helps you to stay ahead of the race always!