Some of The Best Free SEO Tools Every Webmaster Should Use

Some of The Best Free SEO Tools Every Webmaster Should Use


If you’re into SEO writing and tagging, you know that you are trying to drive traffic to your website or online business. You want the best tools to help you with this, but you don’t want your profits all eaten away by high fees. So let’s take a look at 10 of the very best, “must have” free SEO tools.


Let’s start by looking at Ranking Checker by With this SEO tool, you are enabled to check your rankings for as many as five keywords every day at no charge, and the program also maintains an archive for you, which you are even able to download as CSV. All you’ve got to do is install the “browser button”, and it will then copy the URL of the page that you’re looking at into the tool and perform a quick check on its ranking. At five free keywords per day, you can check up to about 150 of them per month all for no charge.

iwebtoolMultiRank Checker by is another great, and free, SEO tool. Want to check both the Alexa Ranking and the Google SERPS for your websites and multiple competitors of yours? Well, all you have to do with the MultiRank Checker is simply pour all of the domain names into the MultiRank Checker and then copy-and-paste the results table. Save time, multitask!

Next, let’s have a look at the SEO Analyzer by This is a tool to use to commence with your optimization activities. It gives you a report featuring a detailed list of SEO components which you might want to assess more carefully on your websites. For your convenience, the tool furthermore maintains a copy of your previous reports, which with just a simple mouse-click you can download them all as a PDF. But, remember, this is not a total SEO analysis tool, so you would not want to rely on it alone.

Now we turn to the Strongest Subpages Tool by With this, you’ll find an organized listing of any website’s most SEO-potent pages. This makes it very easy for you to determine which pages carry the highest concentrations of inbound links. A magnificent way to use this tool is to analyze other successful websites’ pages and then take ideas from them to apply to your own.internet-marketing-company.jpg

Backlink Checker by is essential for anyone working to design SEO-potent webpages and websites. With this, what you get is an outstanding backlink checking tool. Looking for a starting off point for your backlink marketing? Use this tool. You can analyze competitors’ links, too, in addition to your own.


SEO for Firefox by can provide you with more data than any other from either the search engine or the visited page, making it the perfect tool to get yourself competitive overview quickly. You’ll be given cache date, number of cached pages, PageRank, Yahoo backlinks, domain age, number of dot-edu links, and on and on. With a simple right click. Then all of the data can be exported directly from the SERPs to CSV.

This tool is based on Urchin–Google makes it free to anyone. You’ll get thorough data about funnel information, traffic behavior, content visitation, and on and on. The Webmaster Console tool now gives you a good view of what Google “sees” for your site including: crawling rate, crawling speed, backlinks, highest PageRank of your site and more.

google-logoWant a “dietary supplement” SEO tool? Try using Google’s Keyword Tool. Since the went down this is perhaps the most reliable keyword filter tool on the market. All SEO programs that have keyword research capabilities pull in their data from Google’s own stats. So why pay when you could use it for free!

Now here’s a unique one: XENU’s Link Sleuth by Tilman Hausherr. This is something that you download at no charge, and once you do you are allowed to keep your copy in the event that the owner decides to making people pay for it. With this one, you get a spider…so, with it you are able to figure out whether or not a website has, say, broken links, endless loops, redirect detections, and so on. Kill your competitors!

And at last, we come to Visual PageRank by For your intuitive side, you get to actually “see” your webpage with page rank overlays for every one of your links.

Count ‘em–one through ten. Put ‘em all in your SEO toolbox–for free!

Honorable Mentions:

  • Digital Points Keyword Tracker
  • Rank Tracker, it costs money but it’s worth every damn dime. Get this.
  • Market Samurai, this also costs money but it can come in very handy.
  • SEO Quake FireFox Plugin – This should have been in the top 10 list but Cristian, my blogger has failed not only me but all of the readers out there :D