Social Media Traffic & Your Website

Social Media Traffic & Your Website

Converting Social Media Traffic into Consistent Traffic

Social media websites are ones such as StumbleUpon and Digg that can send considerable amounts of traffic to your site. A front page on Digg, for example, could result in as much as 20-30 thousand people coming to your site in the matter of a day or two. StumbleUpon can send thousands of hits over the course of a few weeks and then continue sending people for the duration of your website. However, the problem many people have is that they don’t understand how to leverage that traffic to really result in the growth of your site. All of those people coming to your site is great, but if you don’t somehow convince them to come back, they’re not going to ever return.

The first way to ensure that the traffic becomes consistent traffic is to ensure that the content that they are viewing is good content. If the content isn’t good, why would anyone want to stick around? Imagine if you were the reader. If you are going to devote a portion of your day to reading that article, don’t you want the article to actually be good? Therefore, make sure that you give your readers something that is honestly important and provides some information.

Now that they have stayed on the site long enough to read the article, give them ways to subscribe to the site. Whether that means that they sign up for an account on the site or signs up to some sort of a RSS feed is entirely up to you. However, the more ways you offer, the better. For example, give them the chance to follow you on Twitter, to subscribe to your RSS feed and also to sign up for your newsletter. The more ways that they can get a reminder that you exist, the more likely this social media traffic is going to turn into consistent traffic.

Open up a method in which they can comment on the content that you publish. By allowing them to comment, suddenly they are given another reason to come back to their even if it is as basic as the selfish reason of wanting a reply. They’ll come back often to check and see if someone replied to their comment. Give them a reason to check back. Reply to their comment. Try and find something to say other than, “Thanks for the comment.” Really provide some information that they will want to reply back to.

Social media is a fantastic method in which you can get traffic to your site. However, the biggest mistake that people make is they don’t convert that traffic into consistent traffic. With thousands of people coming to your site, getting even some of them to become consistent traffic is a great way to really develop your site. The more methods you give them to be reminded of your site, the more successful you’re going to be.