Press Releases for Building Traffic and Recognition

Press Releases for Building Traffic and Recognition

A press release is document that a company puts together with the hopes of getting it picked up by the press. This document includes the latest news about your company. For example, if you’ve just released some sort of a new product with another company, you might write a press release about it. The object is to provide information in the press release that might make a media company pick it up and talk about it or write about it. However, there are two ways to approach it.

Mass Traffic

If your ultimate goal is to build a ton of traffic to your site, you’ll go the route of mass traffic. What you’re doing here is writing a press release, content not being as important as the links back to your site, and you submit it to a mass press release site. Just Google “Press Release Submission” and you’ll find a ton of them. What you’re doing here is submitting it to so many sites because if you do this, many sites might publish it and it’ll send traffic. More importantly, though, it might result in a lot of links to your site for search engine reasons. However, once the press release disappears, the traffic might be gone and that’s that.


The other route to go with is submitting the press release to an individual newspaper. For example, you can submit it to the New York Times. In this, the big thing to remember is that the more information you provide and the easier you make it for the author to write, the more likely it’ll get published. That means include your own quotes in there. Journalists love quotes. The big thing to remember is that “who, what, where, when, why and how” are the most important questions to a journalist. If you answer these questions, they are more likely to write about you. In this press release, you might not get any backlinks (if they don’t include a link back, but just a typed link. It might get traffic, but once you’ve been published by this big paper, you can brag about that on your website with a “As seen on/in this publication…”

The route you choose is entirely up to you and, more importantly, based on your business plan and traffic building plan. The mass traffic might send more traffic and more backlinks, but it could be perceived as spam. The recognition route won’t send as much traffic, but the recognition of being on a big news media site is a beneficial route. Either way, though, press releases are very important, especially if you are releasing new information about your company.