Fail: Annoying Website Design

Fail: Annoying Website Design

Have you ever come across a website with  an annoying design? Then you must know that annoying web designs are a sure way to turn off return visits. If you are a web designer, then you are probably concerned with knowing what to avoid so as not to end up with an annoying web design. Here are some things we need to talk about.

Web Design Pet Peeve # 1 The Header that Just Won’t Go Away

Some websites have headers that restarts every time you clicked on the website. What can initially be pleasing, can turn annoying very quickly. It can disturb your concentration make it difficult for the visitor to focus on the content of the page.

Web Design Pet Peeve # 2 Background Music

If background music is playing on multiply or on a personal blog site, or if its operating on an online radio station, or selling music, then it would be fine. But if background music is playing on a professional marketing website or an informational website, for let’s say, non blood surgeries then it would get downright annoying. Why play a midi/wav file in the background continuously one every page? On second thought, there is actually no need to play background music even on a personal blog site, as the readers have no need (particularly this one) to know the soundtrack of your life.

Web Design Pet Peeve # 3 Gigantic Fonts

Are you designing a website for people with poor eye sight? If not, then you are definitely being rude, because huge font size means that you are shouting. You are being visually aggressive, and people in general (online or otherwise) doesn’t like it when someone gets aggressive.

Web Design Pet Peeve #4 Overlapping layers

Layering can be useful  . . . up to a certain point. When you start to use layers to send a message to a person, it can get very annoying. Remember, force is not the way to go. Don’t force your visitor to read your messages. Nobody likes a bully.

Web Design Pet Peeve #5 Popup Windows

Even though pop up windows are blocked by many add on tools, some webmasters keep using them.  What’s annoying about these pop ups is that we sometimes miss important information because of anti pop up tools. Avoid using pop up windows. Prevent important messages from being overlooked. These messages should have a central place on your website.

Web Design Pet Peeve #6 Cookie Cutter Web Page Design

Someone who makes a cookie cutter web page design is someone who does not know or is too lazy to learn about HTML. After all there are FREE home page services available. This means that the website owner uses the “customized” web page builder of a certain free home page service.

Web Design Pet Peeve # 7 Quizzes and Surveys

This one is really annoying. Someone thinks you have the time to answer questions about some product that they are selling. These questions go on and on and on, until you just give up and move on to the next website.

Web Design Pet Peeve #8 Serve Pages

Active Server Pages, or virtual pages, have been annoying web surfers to no end. Everything is going fine until you click the back button. You have to spend more time reposting the information you put in the form, because surprise!, the web page has expired when you click the BACK  button. If you are planning to make a website for a big company, make sure you use back button-frienly applications. This will prevent you from losing more customers.
These pet peeves may seem funny to you, but in reality these are really, really, REALLY annoying web designs. So, if you’re serious about web design, stay clear of these pet peeves and surely visitors will be flocking to your site in no time.