Choosing A Web Design Company

Choosing A Web Design Company

Choosing the right web design company isn’t as simple as it should be. There are hundreds of them vying for your customer and will promise  anything to get your money. Sorting the wheat from the chaff takes no small amount of research. Your website is key to your online marketing presence, so getting it right is essential.

There are some fundamental characteristics any good web design company should have, we are going to cover them here.

They are:

  • Quality of their own website
  • Quality and compatibility of their portfolio
  • Skillset
  • Relationship with previous clients
  • Testimonials

Quality of Their Website

It stands to reason that anyone who is advertising web design as a service needs to demonstrate their worth on their own website. Take a look around, does it work flawlessly? Does it make sense? Is it easy to navigate? To find what you’re looking for? Is it engaging? Interesting? Does it call you to action?

Think about all those points when surfing the site. If the answer is predominantly yes, you may have found a likely candidate.

Quality and Compatibility of The Portfolio

Any business, online or not, is only ever as good as their last project. While you’re on the web designers site, check out their portfolio. Is the quality  of it good enough? Are they consistent? Is their style compatible with what you’re looking for?

Of the dozens of web designers, each has their own style and preferred platform. You need to select a web design company whose style and experience reflects what you’re looking for.


Like any technical vocation, web design involves a range of tools and technologies. If you already know the technology you want to use, find a web company that matches is. If you’re unsure, ask them about your project.

For example, many web design companies build their own content management systems, while others use existing platforms like WordPress or Joomla. Match the skills of the designers with the type of website you’re looking for and you’re off to a good start.

Relationship with Previous Clients

Creative projects are as much about relationships as they are about technical know-how. Not all website developers are “people people,” which can get in the way of the project. Once you select a couple of web designers, meet them and talk to them. Ensure you could work with them and that they listen to what you have to say.


Much like the portfolio, testimonials offer some proof that the web design company you’re talking to can build and maintain productive relationships. They provide social proof that the company actually delivers on their promises and can indicate they might be a good fit.

Of the many web design companies out there, there are only a handful that are really any good. Finding those is harder than it should be, but no different than finding a good auto shop or contractor. You have to research, check them out, ask questions and go on gut feeling.