Web Design Service in Atlanta, Georgia

Web Design Service in Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta’s business owners and managers are very savvy to the importance of having an impressive website that is both usable and accessible. After all, they are some of the most well-educated and knowledgeable entrepreneurs in the country. They are at the cutting edge of emerging trends that impact the business world. They understand that in order to impress their customers they must lead their industry with the products and services that their clients search for, and they must present them in a way that their customers expect.

A well-designed website is the way to do both. By establishing first who your website is designed to attract—that is target the ages, gender, incomes—you will begin the process. What is the purpose of your website? Will it be mainly for information, e-commerce, or strictly for entertainment with images and videos of what is trending in your industry? When you know what you want your users to do on the website, you can determine navigation on the site using basic pages (such as a home page), about us page, product or service page, contact page, et cetera. Deciding on these pages helps to plan the website. Easy-to-understand navigation may be the most important feature because if the user does not know what is available or cannot find what they are looking for, they will get frustrated and move on to the next site.

Once you have this material in mind, you can start to collect content for your site including photos and text, incorporating ideas you have created. Custom content may be a way to connect with your clients and let them know that you have considered their interests and needs and are responsive to them. The voice of your site is the personality of your company. Bring forth your ideas and let them speak to your present and future customers.

You can then communicate this information to your website consultant. Armed with your target audience, your purpose, and the scope of your business—they will be able to not only build your site to become a strong marketing tool, but to optimize it to attract more visitors. They will work to make sure the site looks professional, and also loads quickly and is functional to all visitors. Social media integration (Twitter, Facebook, Google, et cetera) along with SEO optimization, and mobile versions will increase your sales, bringing new and repeat business. The ability to add and delete products, create promos, adjust prices, track inventory—all are very functional and helpful to you, and in the end will move the bottom line in the direction you want to go.

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