Using Social Media Marketing

Using Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing gives you instant access to an audience of millions and allows you to communicate with your market like never before. It is the process of promoting your site through social media channels and is a powerful strategy that will gain significantly increased traffic to your website.

Thought Mechanics’ social media marketing experts in Austin, TX are here to offer all the benefits of social media, in a friendly, manageable package.

We use social media marketing in a variety of ways, including:

  • Advertising –Targeted social media advertising using Facebook and other sites likely to have a receptive audience
  • Branding – Marketing campaigns for organizations seeking to build and manage their brand through social media platforms
  • Customer relationship management – Coherent campaigns for those looking to optimize relationships with customers using social media

If you would like to take advantage of class-leading social media marketing, contact Thought Mechanics today!

Social media marketing isn’t about spamming Twitter or Facebook with useless information about your company in the hope customers will come running. It is a measured, planned campaign using a variety of marketing techniques to best use social media for your benefit.

It seeks to create real value to using carefully considered messages to intrigue, interest and convert. It is essential for any business anywhere, to develop a successful social media marketing strategy that accurately reflects their brand, guards their reputation and attracts the right audience.

If you’re yet to be convinced, here are some quick facts:

Facebook has over 600 million users and is still growing

YouTube is now the second largest search engine and has 50,000 hours of video uploaded each day

Twitter sees an average of 36,000 tweets per day

There are over 70 Million blogs and 1.6 Million blog posts per day

Those are all compelling statistics, and reasons why you cannot afford to ignore social media marketing for your business.  Thought Mechanics’’s Austin social media marketing experts can get the best out of the medium to promote your business. We use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other sites to promote your brand and engage your audience.

To ensure your social media marketing experience is a good one, contact the Thought Mechanics social media marketing experts today!