The Value of Good Content

The Value of Good Content

The value of good website content cannot be overstated. After all, why is your website there if not to provide content? Whatever form it takes, information, video, games, jokes, products or services, it’s all communicated through content. If your content is no good, what’s the point of having it at all?

As a site-owner, you probably already know that visitors don’t read on the internet the same as they would in a book. The audience skims the page looking for the information they need. If they don’t find it quickly, or fail to find anything else of interest, they move on. That’s the value of good content.

Good web content is original, entertaining, interesting and convincing. The order it comes in depends on the purpose of the site, and of the content. You have several seconds to grab the attention of the visitor, no more. That means your content has to grab them right away and keep them.

Good content:

  • Improves your credibility
  • Enhances your SEO
  • Potentially boosts income
  • Increases traffic

Credibility and Good Content

If you’re a commercial site owner or blogger, your reputation is vital. If people don’t take you seriously, they aren’t going to buy anything from you. It’s that simple. With competition the fiercest it has ever been, your reputation is worth more now than at any time in the past.

Search Engine Optimization

Regular, good quality content will see you climbing the search engine results page slowly but surely. The search engines love content. The more you put up, the more you’re valued. While it won’t revolutionize your site, it will improve it for both the search engines and your human visitors.


We added “potentially” there because not all websites are commercial, or monetized. If yours is, the value of good content is twofold. Firstly, if you use advertising on your site, good content will attract visitors, which should improve ad revenue. If advertise or sell products, these increased visitors can be convinced to buy what you’re selling. Both can help your income grow exponentially.


Internet users are a curious bunch. We like to learn things, read interesting stories, discover new websites and ideas and generally explore. Running a website that offers all that will grow your traffic in a big way. What you do with that traffic once you have it is up to you, just don’t waste it.

Quality content is essential for any website that wants to survive. There is no substitute for it. Every site on the internet needs to offer content that is optimized for search engines and human visitors. It also needs to be updated. Without these things, a website fails.

The good news is that you don’t have to do it yourself. There are plenty of content providers who will populate your website for a fee. Just make sure the content they provide is worth the money!