The Need for a Newsletter

The Need for a Newsletter

Does your company/site need a news letter?

It used to be that building a website and getting some links was all that was needed to start developing a successful site. To this day, doing those things will result in a growing website there is no denying that. However, there is nothing going on there that is going to continue raising the site in profitability as well as visitor traffic. You’ll be relying entirely on search engine traffic as well as direct traffic, but there is nothing to “remind” visitors that you exist. Because of this, it is incredibly important to have a newsletter on your website where readers can subscribe themselves and then you can send them newsletters.

The newsletter does two things. The first is that it collects e-mails so that when you have a new product or service available, you can send a quick e-mail out to them letting them know it exists. Since they signed up to the newsletter, there is obviously something about your company that they like so they are more inclined to purchase your product.

The other thing that it does is remind them that your site exists even when you’re not selling anything new. For example, if you own a site about cancer and you send a newsletter out once every week or every other week with a new bit of news about it or something along those lines, they are more likely to come back to your site because they trust you. You provided them with information and now, they want to check your site out again to see if there is any other information they can find. As they keep coming back to the site and gaining trust, they become more consistent customers.

So the question is, what do I include in my newsletter? That really is up to preference. It is important, though, to not just send out new offers and try and make every e-mail about getting a new customer. If you do that, they’re more likely to unsubscribe because they’re not gaining anything. Sure, they might know that there is a new deal going on, but so what? If they’re not interested in buying right then and therefore, they won’t ever buy. Therefore, the one thing that is important to include in a website’s newsletter is more information. Provide something for the reader. For example, if you run that cancer site, mention the news every once in a while. That’ll make them remember that you helped them out when the time comes to buy a product.

A newsletter is one of the many ways in which you can develop a community. It allows you to grow your readership and, when new products and services are released, allows you to make more customers. Someone who has subscribed to your newsletter has made the first step toward becoming a consistent customer. There is obviously something interesting about you that made them want to subscribe to begin with. Now you just need to show them what that is.