Out of the Restrained Offer of Posterous Themes Available Here’s Our Top Ten Suggestions

Out of the Restrained Offer of Posterous Themes Available Here’s Our Top Ten Suggestions

Posterous is probably the easiest blogging platform of them all to work with, and it takes a fresh approach to blogging and social networking that makes it available to people of all kinds and experience levels. However, there is not yet a huge range of great Posterous themes available. Therefore, if you want to improve the way your Posterous blog looks you have to know where to turn, and these are some of the best Posterous themes you can use today.

1. Smoke and Tumble – from Obox Design is a straightforward and visually pleasing template for Posterous. It features a main content column with a white background, over a black background for the rest of the site. On the black background on the left you can use the space somewhat as a left sidebar, housing your header, links and footer information.


2. Slider Press – is a medication of the Press theme from Obox Design. It’s unique because it’s a side scrolling theme, which means your content will display with a scroll bar on the horizontal of the browser, which is really fun for sharing lots of media and connecting with other social networking services as well. There’s a stationary left sidebar that houses all of your information and links.


3. Ink Drop – is a very powerful, customizable and capable Posterous theme, also made by Obox Design. A header displays your logo and your page links, followed by a large photograph slideshow banner with your featured posts or information. Underneath that is a two column design with a left sidebar and your content on the right, followed by another space for a photo slideshow beneath that, and a three box across grid on the bottom for more posts and information. It has color options and more to work with, making it extremely versatile.


4. Pinotage – Pinotage is another versatile and feature-rich Posterous theme made by Obox Design, and it’s highlight with a top area for featured videos, with a large embedded player. Underneath is a two column design, with your content on the left with a right sidebar. The footer is large and has plenty of room for information, links and even a contact form. The header has space for a logo and other images, with a red navigation bar below.


5. Tabby – provides you with a powerful and simple way to add more content and control to your Posterous website. Made by Cory Watilo, with the use of tags you can create a top navigation that is similar to the pages that other, fuller blogs and websites offer. It’s a two column design with a header, displaying the content in a large left column and the sidebar on the right.


6. Post Press – The Post Press theme is another modification of the Press theme from Obox Design. This is a very clean and elegant Posterous theme, with lots of white space and open room to make things easy to read and navigate. A left sidebar provides room for your title and other information and includes, and the main content is on the right, both are a fixed width down the center of the page.


7. Austero – is a very clean Poserous theme that offers a great way to display your latest thoughts and musings. Created by the same Cory Watilo, it’s a two column platform with a left hand sidebar for links and header information, and a right main content column. It has a clean white background with lots of open space, but also enables you to easily and automatically create a tiled background image.


8. Tabby 2 – Tabby 2 is a fully customizable, slightly different version of the original Tabby made by Cory Watilo. You can customize the main theme background colors, headers, header images and much more. It allows you great control for this already flexible and capable Posterous theme as described above, and it works for individuals of all kinds. For a closer inspection go to themes.posterous.com.


9. Micro Depth – is appropriately named, because it’s meant to be a micro-blogging website with more depth, features and all around “oomph” than you’re used to. It features a very colorful background that can also be customized, and a very visually pleasing two column, fixed width design.  Each post, piece of content or add-on is displayed in its own overlay, making a very crisp and attractive design. There’s room for a header on the top, and your footer information is displayed on the right sidebar in this Obox Design theme.


10. Mad Men – Mad Men brings some elegance and sophistication to a basic two column micro blog design. A black background page includes a small fixed width left hand sidebar for your title, links and footer information. A white column in the middle of the page is what stores all of your content, and with plenty of open room, great looking lines and type and more it’s another one of the very stylish Posterous themes from Obox Design.