How You Can Have a Website that is Search Engine Friendly

How You Can Have a Website that is Search Engine Friendly

Even with hard work on search engine optimization, many websites out there don’t get the traffic that they need to be successful. The big reason that websites don’t end up with the traffic they want is because their websites are not friendly to the search engines. Search engine optimization is an important part of designing any website, so you need to keep it in mind as you are designing your site. If you want a search engine friendly website, here are some important areas that you need to think about when it comes to your website’s design.

Creating Search Engine Friendly Pages
Creating search engine friendly pages is the first place to start when you are trying to ensure that your website is search engine friendly. When you first start designing your pages, keeping mind what the requirements are for your site as well as the requirements that search engines happen to have as well. Search engines take a look at your page code, which means you need to go with code that is very neat and easy for search engines to read.

You also need to avoid using frames when you are creating pages for your website if you want them to perform well within the search engines. Frames end up slowing things down and can even end up confusing the search engines as well. Javascript also should be avoided in large parts, since this can cause your pages to load slowly. While graphics can be a nice part of your pages, you’ll also find that they can slow down page load if you end up using too many or if your graphics are too large.

Research and Use Good Keywords
If you want to have a website that is search engine friendly, researching and using good keywords is going to be very important as well. When you first start coming up with the website design, use a good keyword tool that can help you come up with keywords that will work well for your website. You should have a nice range of keywords, although you don’t need to concentrate on all the keywords on one single page. Once you have those keywords researched, you need to work on incorporating them into your website. This can be done in meta tags, title tags, links, and more.

Remember That Content is Always the Most Important
The content on your website is always the most important part of your page when it comes to catering to the search engines. However, content should not just be written with search engines in mind. You also need to write with your visitors in mind too. Most search engines look through text and they identify the keywords that are in the text, which helps provide good rankings in the search engines. Ensure that you use keywords in prominent parts of your text for the best results. However, avoid using keywords too much or this will end up causing problems with the search engine. Too many keywords will also hurt the quality of your text as well, making visitors less likely to come back to read your content again.