Benevolence and

Benevolence and

Hi, it’s been almost 4 years since this post was made. I just wanted to update everyone and let them know the theme is still free and still widely used by tons of WordPress site owners. Benevolence is one of the most popular themes to ever live. ThoughtMecanics has been through many changes in the past few years but you can rest assured no matter what happens, this free wordpress theme will always remain free for public use.

As for the site, we have sold the site to the owners of TinyChat (free video chat) & TinyPaste (pastebin). If you’re interested in advertising or anything else please feel free to contact them.

This may not be new news, but I just found out about it while checking out for the first time. It turns out that new users to are given their choice of 14 built-in themes to use for their blog, Benevolence being one of them. I feel pretty good about this, especially considering there are literally hundreds and hundreds of themes to choose from.

Most of my older themes have code problems( e.g. sloppy sloppy sloppy ), they aren’t XHTML valid and they probably don’t follow best practices for building WordPress themes. A lot of the templates I released were designs I used for my own sites that I simply just zipped up and released. This is why, for instance, the first release of Benevolence has my name in the copyright notice for the blog content. I’ve since corrected the mistake in Benevolence, but I’m sure some of the other themes could use some work. However, with all I have going on these days, the idea of going back to fix old errors in previous themes seems more and more unlikely.

Well, that’s all for today, I’m heading off to New York City this evening with my wife. We like to go down there at least a couple times a year, and since I just had a birthday, and her birthday is tomorrow, we figured NYC would be a nice little treat.