Austin Mobile App Development

Austin Mobile App Development

The world is constantly on the move, offer your customers a Thought Mechanics mobile app to stay with them wherever they go.

We are much more than a Austin web design studio. Our talented team also includes software developers and programmers who create mobile apps for our clients.

The Thought Mechanics mobile apps team develop mobile apps for iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android and Blackberry. We can help you reach the millions on smart phone users across the country for less than you might think!

If you’re looking for the best mobile apps Austin has to offer, contact Thought Mechanics today!

How Can You Benefit From Mobile Apps?

The mobile and tablet industry is the fastest growing technology sector in the world. With smart phones making up over 50 percent of new devices sold, it makes sense to have a presence in that market. Even if you aren’t going to use your app as a revenue stream, it’s still an important point of presence.

Developing a mobile app that links to your business and offers some utility to link cell phones and what you do, it’s possible to reach an audience of billions. That audience has shown itself to have significant spending power so you need to get in on the act.

The Thought Mechanics mobile app development team can program for:

  • iPhone and iPad
  • Android
  • Windows Mobile
  • Blackberry

The Thought Mechanics team are heavy smart phone users ourselves, so not only do we know how to program great apps, we also have a good idea of the appetite of the market. That allows us to come up with great ideas, ones that will sell.

iPhone and iPad

Apple is as good at selling a lifestyle as it is at putting together great technology. The success of the iPhone and iPad is testament to that. With an audience of hundreds of millions, your mobile app needs to include the Apple platform.


Android has a much wider market reach, but little of the polish of Apple. The operating system is superb, but lacks the marketing genius of its main rival. It is however, a very viable and successful mobile operating system.

Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile doesn’t have any of the shine of Apple, or the reach of Android, but is still a successful operating system. It is still used in millions of phones, tablets, desktops and laptops, so needs consideration when putting an app together.


Blackberry was always for the person in a suit walking to and from the office. That’s changing, with the youth market increasingly moving towards Blackberry. That makes it an important platform to consider when developing your app.

If you want your brand to go mobile, contact the Thought Mechanics mobile app development team today!