Austin Mobile App Developement

Austin Mobile App Developement

Are mobile applications part of your marketing strategy? They should be.

The whole world is going mobile, if you’re not included you’re being left in the dark. Smart phones and tablets are selling in their millions. They are in fact the fastest growing technology industry in the world. In 2010 alone, over 428 million smart phones were sold across the world. Your name needs to be on them.

Thought Mechanics Web Design has a dedicated team of programmers who are experts at mobile app development. Contact us for a free consultation.

Our team of mobile app developers can build for:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android
  • Windows Mobile
  • Blackberry

By embracing mobile, you’re adding another marketing medium to your overall strategy and exposing yourself to millions of potential new customers. By developing an app, you can offer something new to your audience or complement your existing offerings. Either way, you’re in a growing market that makes real money.

By embracing the five main platforms, you can maximize your market reach and ensure the widest coverage possible. The Thought Mechanics Austin mobile app development team can produce utilities, games, informational apps and much more. All we need is your idea and we can put it into practice.

iPhone and iPad

The success of the iPhone and iPad surprised even Apple themselves. While undoubtedly a premium product, they have sold hundreds of millions of units. Apple apps sell millions per day, making their publishers rich as a result.

Offering an iPhone or iPad app can get your brand in front of a technically aware audience with money to spend. That’s about as good as marketing gets.


The open source nature of Android means it is used of a wide range of devices from a multitude of manufacturers. It is currently the most popular mobile platform in existence. Any mobile app you have will need to include Android.

Windows Mobile

The advantage of the Windows Mobile platform is that it’s compatible with Windows desktops and tablets. That gives a remarkable market reach to any application that includes Windows compatibility.


Blackberry used to be almost entirely corporate. The brand has steadily gained a more diverse audience thanks to its solid reliability and Blackberry Messaging. Publishing a mobile app on the Blackberry platform puts you right out there in front of business users.

If you want to go mobile, contact the Thought Mechanics Austin mobile app development team today!