A new sister company opens its doors in Austin

A new sister company opens its doors in Austin

Web Design

In the first 10 seconds, your website design will either convince a visitor to explore further, or send them on their way. It’s as simple as that.People make split-second decisions about the quality of your organization by what meets their eyes when they land on your home page.

The Austin Web Designteam can deliver fantastic results. We design and develop simple, easy to use, professional-looking websites. From simple landing pages to highly complex ecommerce sites, we do it all. We can also include optional extras, such as image galleries, videos, blogs, forms, and even a forum.

We have done it before and can do it for you too!

The Process – Consultation

We begin with a consultation. Here we will identify the time-frame and scope of the project. We will sit with you and talk everything through until we have a good idea of what you’re looking for. If you agree, and are as excited as us, we begin.

We then undertake an analysis of your target market, target audience, unique selling points and anything else that makes you stand out. We also check out your business and its competitors to position the website where it would have most impact.

Website Proposal

Based on our consultation, the analysis and your core organizational needs, we create a design proposal detailing what we will do and how we will do it. This proposal will stick to the budget you specify and offer maximum value.

The proposal will be delivered to you for your approval. Only once we have received your acceptance will be begin work. We won’t cost you any money until you sign on the line.

The production stage begins by deciding which programming languages will offer you the biggest benefit. We also assign a design team and provide you with their contact details. Next up is developing the branding of your site. Depending on any existing branding you may have, this will include creating a new brand, or integrating an existing one.

We will produce a mock-up of the site and provide it for approval. Once we have that approval we then develop the coding of your website and begin building it.
Website Testing

Once the website is complete we test it to destruction. We test it on our local web server, and then ask trained testers to do their worst. This is all to ensure everything is working and the website is robust enough to cope with even the most enthusiastic user.

Once our own testing is complete, you can play with the site and make suggestions for tweaks and changes.

Website Launch

Once you are completely happy with your website, we can launch it into the wild. We either send it to you to host yourself, or can manage all that for you. Either way, your site is ready to go live. Once on the internet, we undertake final testing to ensure everything is perfect, then hand it over.

Your new website is now live and ready to make money!

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