Video Production services

Video Production

If there is a single growth sector in marketing right now, it’s video production for marketing. It’s a relatively new advertising medium, which is why it’s growing exponentially.

Thought Mechanics is at the forefront of video production, creating effective corporate videos, promotional films, web videos and marketing clips across a range of industry sectors. We use professional filmmakers to create a high-quality video for use on your website or social media.

Popular uses for our video productions include:

  • Presentations
  • Product showcases
  • Corporate videos
  • Video tours
  • Training videos
  • Video testimonials

Each video production type has something different to offer.

Video presentations allow you to reach your audience better than ever before. You can communicate in real time and use the medium to create a bond with your audience.

Product showcases can demonstrate products better than any other online method. When you’re distance selling, product videos increase sales by a significant margin.

Corporate videos allow you to communicate with large, diverse audiences in an engaging way. With a well-written script and a well framed shot, you can improve the company, and your personal appearance.

Video tours are ideal for real estate agents and commercial property developers. You no longer have to depend on images or drawings to sell a property, a video tour will do it for you. Much like product showcases, these allow you to show it off at its best.

Training videos allow you to add value to products, educate your audience or save support calls. By answering common problems on a hosted video, you can empower your customers to look after themselves. You can also train them to make the most of your products.

Video testimonials are the last word in social proof. Real life happy customers are the perfect way to build confidence in your brand. Allowing them to express themselves on video will convert new customers like no other medium.

These are all things Thought Mechanics can deliver. If you’re looking for professional quality video production to take your marketing to the next level, contact us today.

From the very first meeting, the scripting, to the final production, we want your online video to exceed your expectations. We pride ourselves on creating lasting relationships with our clients and delivering exactly what you want.

Whether you need a website, marketing, video production, or an ecommerce platform, Thought Mechanics is here to help. We have the experience, the skills and the desire to take your brand online with style. Our success is measured by your success.