What are “Angela and Paul” Backlinks? Are they right for you?

What are “Angela and Paul” Backlinks? Are they right for you?

Before we get started, let’s go over some basics here to make sure everyone is on the same page. I know, most of you already know the basics but there will surly be people reading this who don’t.

First, let’s cover exactly what a “backlink” is

A backlink is a link on one website that leads a visitor or search engine back to another website. This can be done for informational, sales or any number of other purposes. The reason backlinks are important is because it’s a a huge part of the ranking algorithm search engines use to determines how important your website is.

Next, let’s make sure we all know what “SEO” is

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a method that helps boost naturally gained traffic from backlinks, content, and other on-site factors such as title tags and to a lesser extent your META info. Both on-site and off-site SEO are used as ways of helping websites, companies, and people in general, rank higher in search engine results. These methods can consist of finding good keyword phrases to target, adjusting page titles, META info, image ALT tags, quality and unique content, backlinks, and more. Backlinks are probably the best and fastest way a website can gain exposure on the Internet. The more sites that link to your site, the more important Google will treat you and thus the more traffic you will get from the search results.

Quality of backlinks?

The quality of the backlink placement can be judged by its host-a page and how many sites that page links out to, and the quality of the sites it links out to. For example, a backlink on a website that only sees 100 unique hits per day isn’t worth as much as a backlink that is featured on the front page of The Wall Street Journal’s website which millions of people read an hour. Or, a link on a website that is not in the same niche as you, or that already has many outbound links pointing at shady sites like porn and Viagra will not be very beneficial to you and may actually do more harm than good.

Backlinks done correctly and put together with the right anchor text and placed on key websites in your niche will drive an immense amount of traffic to your website from both search engines and the sites that are actually linking to you.

So, what are backlink services?

Backlink services are nothing more than a company or individual offering their time and knowledge to get you backlinks in exchange for money. This could be via a webmaster forum thread like this, or via a small company like this. You can even find backlinking services on free lancer sites like this. There is definitely no shortage of backlink services out there. The trick is to find a quality service that doesn’t require a second mortgage on your house. If you’re new to the backlink game it may be in your best interest to hire someone off a webmaster forum as you can see the reviews of other people right in the thread. If someone is offering bad service chances are they will be called out on it by other members.

When you have got the right tools, it isn’t hard to become a number one site on search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. Most people are usually unable to pay thousands of dollars a year to expose new visitors to their links, driving traffic in. Posting on blogs and forums on your own, can take away much more of your time, and can easily become a never-ending task with variable results and mediocre traffic.

Angela and Paul’s backlink services were once two separate entities who are  now merged together. The method behind Angela’s backlink method is pretty simple, she’s able to find high page rank sites where she is able to place an internal link to your webpage. Most of the sites that she finds placement for have a sign-up form and a profile form or blog page. People have raved about her service, and it’s true that her service is one of the most effective methods for newcomers to build up your backlinks and push your web pages to the top of search engine results. Paul’s method aims to aquire more authority links, focusing on less links but of higher quality. So the two services together can end up creating a pretty decent backlink profile.

Angela’s and Paul’s Backlink service offers backlink packets to its subscribers. These packets include a step-by-step guide on how to build links and how to get links. People spend a lot of time creating their web pages, posts and articles, but then they become lost or confused when the time comes to get links to their site.

Rather than wasting time getting links for yourself, Angela and Paul’s service can take care of it for you. There are many tedious tasks that they can do in place of your effort, so that you can focus on other important aspects of your business.

Once you’ve decided to use Angela and Paul’s backlink services, you can choose one of the six packages they have for a certain amount of backlinks created:

  • 6 Backlinks $12
  • 14 Backlinks $27
  • 30 Backlinks $57
  • 50 Backlinks $94
  • 80 Backlinks $150
  • 120 Backlinks $125

Creating a good quality backlink is just as important as having a paid, quality backlink. A good backlink will be found on a high PR website that has content along the same lines as your own site. Quality backlinks can be determined by a number of factors:

Age – the older a website is the better
Number of outbound links on the page/site that’s linking to you – the fewer the OBL’s the better
The types of sites being linked to on the host site – if your site is being linked to from a page full of Viagra links and other spammy types of links most or all of the SEO benefit is probably erased
The PR of the site linking to you – while PR is definitely not the most important factor, it’s still something to think about especially when you are talking about PR5’s or higher
And last but definitely not leastthe niche of the linking site – If you can get a high PR link from a quality site that’s in the same niche as you then you’re in great shape.

The ideal backlink will be from a high quality site, few outbound links, fairly old, and in the same niche as you. If you can pull that off you will be seeing SEO gold in no time.

Angela and Paul are not the only backlink providers in town, there are literally 1000’s of providers. From individuals to large offshore companies with hundreds of workers. Here are some good places to get you started in your hunt for backlink providers:

There are literally 1000’s of service threads like this across all of the webmaster forums. Here is a list of places to look for similar SEO service thread:

Don’t forget in addition to all the SEO services outlined in this blog post, we also offer SEO services :)