Website Lead Optimization

Denver Website Lead Optimization

Optimization is the process of creating a site that is specifically intended to rank well on search engines. The ultimate goal is to have your site appear as high as possible in search engines in order to reach as much of your targeted market as possible. As the click-through studies show, being high in the search results makes a big difference on the amount of traffic that a site receives and this ultimately relates to the revenue your site brings in.
SEO and Web Design

Key Components of Site Optimization
  • Simple easy to use site
  • Content is King
  • Proper Coding
Content is King:

Google reads or “crawls” websites and summarizes the information it finds in order to properly associate a website with certain keywords and categories. Because of this the amount and placement of text on your site is very important. The optimal concentration of your target keywords is between 3-5% of the total content. Our team of writers will work with you to ensure that your content is accurate and descriptive. After the content is written the next step is to integrating it in a natural, flowing manner as to maintain a professional appeal and prevent your site from looking cluttered.

Proper Coding

Although not readily visible, the coding behind your site is a key factor in the ability of your site to show up in search results. Google rewards sites without coding errors with a higher quality rating resulting in naturally higher search results. Many web designers and firms create sites visually and then use programs to automatically generate the coding behind the website. While the site will be functional and visually appear the same these programs are not capable of creating the same quality error-free coding that experts like our Thought Mechanic programmers can create.