Website Design & Development

Web Site Design Denver Colorado

The first step to taking advantage of the potential leads that the internet can generate is creating a professional, user-friendly website that caters to your customer’s needs.

Keys to successful site design

  • Visually appealing
  • Simple and easy to navigate
  • Provides necessary information in a clear, concise manner

Depending on the type of business that you have, your site needs to be designed with functionality in mind. You may be looking to make direct sales via your website, provide information about your products and services to generate sales leads, or a combination of both. An effective website not only displays the information your customer’s are seeking, but makes it easy for them to take immediate action. A websites success is measured not only by its traffic, but more importantly by the sales leads and revenue that it generates. If your looking for the best web site design Denver has to offer, look no further.

Website Coding : Maximizing your sites search engine potential

Although not readily visible, the coding behind your site is a key factor in the ability of your site to show up in search results. Along with the content of your site, Google looks at the quality of the quality of the actual coding behind the site. Think of this in terms of grammatical errors; if Google finds a lot of mistakes in your sites coding it will assign it a lower ranking. The assumption is that professional sites will be coded without errors and Google is essentially rewarding these sites with a higher quality rating resulting in naturally higher search results. Many web designers and firms create sites visually and then use programs to automatically generate the coding behind the website. While the site will be functional and visually appear the same these programs are not capable of creating the same quality error-free coding that experts can.

Web Design and Development Services:

  • Custom website design
  • Graphic & Banner Design
  • Template Customization & Semi-Custom Web Designs
  • Proficient in Multiple Languages (ASP, PHP, Java, SQL, .NET, ETC.)
  • Custom Forum Skins (vBulletin, PHPBB, ETC.)
  • Custom Twitter Backgrounds
  • Custom Blog & CMS Themes (WordPress, Joomla, TypePad, Twitter, Posterous, Drupal, ETC.)
  • eCommerce Stores & Shopping Carts
  • Professional High Quality Photography & Video Production
  • Website Optimization
  • Web Hosting & Database Management