The Importance of Good Logo Design

The Importance of Good Logo Design

Launching a business without a logo is never a good idea. You have to present a professional image from the outset if you’re to stand any chance at all to succeed. In a market as competitive as ours, there are too many other companies only too happy to take your customers to do otherwise.

For the small business, or entrepreneur, the temptation to save money at the beginning and wait a while to be branded can be a mistake. There may also be a temptation to design your own, or ask someone you know to do it, this can also cause problems, and here’s why.

Stability. A poor quality brand will make your business look amateur and unstable. Unless nobody else can do what you do, clients will not have enough confidence in you to take the risk. If you don’t look stable, how is a client going to invest in longer-term projects if there is a likelihood you won’t be in business at the end of it?

Size.  While everyone starts out small, it isn’t where we all want to be at the end of it. A poor quality logo tells the world you’re small and liable to stay that way. No multinational has no brand, or a poor quality logo, so neither should you. Aim high, show ambition and spend the money on a professional logo design.

Unpolished. A professional façade is vital if you’re to succeed. People don’t invest in people they don’t have confidence in. If you look and feel the part, people will spend money with you. If you don’t, they won’t. Worse still, you may give the impression you don’t care about your market presence, which clients will take to mean you don’t care about your business.

Unfocused. Unprofessional, uncoordinated marketing materials can make your business look confused. If your business card has one look, your website another and your marketing material another still, you’re onto a loser. This is almost as bad as not having a logo in the first place.

When you’re starting out in business, you need to take the shortest route possible to success. The most important part of that is branding and marketing. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re in, you need to appear professional if you’re to succeed.

A good logo is the point at which the rest of your brand evolves. It needs to be professional, polished, focused and present you in the best possible light.

So while putting off branding your new business may be tempting, a logo design needs to be viewed as an investment, not just a cost. The same as buying equipment, stock and a premises, you need a logo to do business. Without it you’re going nowhere.