The Best Search engine optimization (SEO) Tools

The Best Search engine optimization (SEO) Tools

Ever wonder how you can create web pages that will rank high in search engine requests? Search engine optimization (SEO) can help you determine what information and elements you need within each of your pages to drive the most traffic. Finding this information isn’t as simple as one would think. There are many different strategies and opinion on how a website and its pages can be optimized. SEO criteria will vary depending on the type of website, its content and purpose. To help find these useful tools, we’ve put together a list of various programs and sources you can use to help boost your searches.

RankTracker is a program made to help you and/or your business keep track of where you’re ranked for a list of keywords across 100’s of search engines. Every business owner looking to gain exposure on the Internet should be able to monitor their rankings and the changes in their websites. Without doing so, it becomes very difficult to figure out why there aren’t as many hits or search counts. When you keep an eye on your statistics you’re able to determine what you should improve or change based on the trends and benchmarks that visitor’s create when they find and navigate through your site. There are many non-optimized websites that can be found on a fourth, fifth, or sixth page of a Google search that don’t show up on the first because of poor SEO. Most people aren’t going to dig that deep, or even deeper, to find your site when one that was optimized shows up first. With Rank Tracker, you’re able to keep track of all of your ranking history, search results and statistics. Any changes in your site, whether good or bad, can be generated into a report that can help you figure out what should be changed or modified. In the same process, you’ll be able to discover profitable keywords that will help you with future posts and articles. Rank Tracker is very efficient with its monitoring and is able to track 500 words in four minutes. For those who have less than five hundred words, here’s your chance to improve. This program offers 9 keyword suggestion tools, a key in building SEO content, to help you create more popular search terms-bringing you to a number 1 search result. Using this program is very simple and takes only minutes. Keep from trying to monitor your website on your own to save you time, and use Rank Tracker to show you instantly where you rank in each search engine. To find Rank Tracker and download, visit

Once you’ve been able to monitor your website’s activity the next step is enriching content with keywords. Keyword Tracker is available for free from Digital Point Solutions and can also be used as a suggestion tool. The advantage, and these days almost a necessity to having a keyword tracker is that it analyzes inputted text through different search engines. It helps determine which phrases and keywords are already in use, and it suggests different phrases that may exist somewhere only once, or not at all. These suggestions allow businesses and writers to create unique articles of information-making it easier to be found, and recognized. Using these programs is incredibly easy because you can track words (up to 1,000 a day from Digital Point Solutions) with multiple combinations and it will track any readable text on your website. You can find this tool here:

How can you determine how competitive a keyword or phrase is? Simply by using Market Samurai ( to uncover hidden keywords and phrases that can drive thousands of new, organic visits to your site each and every day. Once you’ve downloaded the software, filter through all the options available to tailor fit the software to your needs. Enter in a keyword and the software will filter the results through many others, leaving you with only a few keyword suggestions. Make sure that the word you are searching for is also relevant to your topic of discussion. Market Samurai helps save you time by generating keyword results that target your market and audience. It gives you SEO information from an entered keyword and then compares it against what is on your own site. Market Samurai is available for a free download, but a fuller, more feature rich version is also available for purchase and recommended for those striving for the first page of search results.

Rank Tracker, Keyword Tracker, and Market Samurai are all made to teach you what to monitor to drive traffic to your site, and to help create better keywords and phrases. In addition to these three programs, try using different keyword suggestion tools or generators. Each suggestion tool will create search terms and keywords within the most popular engines; Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Bing, etc. The phrase or keyword generators will create large phrases from the different variations of what you enter. Each tool will be slightly different in what it provides you because the helpful hints are all approximations. The tools are still great for driving traffic like you’ve never had to your site, so test them out to get a feel for what you are really looking for. Here are a few to try:

SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool – using this method will require a sign-up and login, but that only takes a second. This will provide links and estimates from Google AdWords, which will show the bid to rank in a #1 spot and how much traffic you can expect to get. It will link to Google Suggest, Google Synonyms, Yahoo! Suggest, and will even look at, Google Blogsearch, and for keyword results, and to see what topics people are talking about in relation to your keyword or phrase.

Site Psych SE Report – Site Psych will generate lists of weekly keyword statistics. It will help you determine which topics people search for and how often, identify how to weed out invaluable words, and it will show you how many people are competing over specific words and phrases. To make sure you’re found somehow in a competitive market, design the targeting of your words around your ideas, products and services, and often enough, you will be found.

Google AdWords – AdWords is a premier advertising system that allows users to link their sites in specialized space created by Google. It increases website traffic for users while helping the parent company make money. This allows these companies and the person advertising to make the most out their web space and can create more traffic for both companies. This traffic, however, is a little different, because you aren’t dealing only with a targeted audience (like you would be when searching for keywords and phrases). Because the advertisements can come up in slots created by Google, your market audience can expand to people who normally wouldn’t search for one of your specific topics. There are flaws with this system, but it is successful. Increased profits have all been made from using this, but mixed results and scams exist also. AdWords accounts can be set up online and paid for by credit cards.

Trellian’s Industry Keyword Discoverer – this keyword discovery system takes any industry’s top keywords statistics and lets its users to become more competitive with their phrases, maximize their pay per clicks, and can help them optimize their content. It generally lists industries as the typical shopping, health, computers, home, science, art, etc. If one were to click on “health” as a category, it will list the top searches driving to this keyword. Under the “health” category, there are subcategories-one for example, would be “fitness”, listing its top searches, and even more sub categories under that. This system can be demoed at, and can also be purchased for long-term use.

These tools are meant to help give you an edge, but a strong base of content is needed first. Without using these tools though, you are opening the door to allow other websites with similar content get ahead of you search engine results, pushing you to the second, third or even fourth pages. These tools provide valuable, essential information needed to fine tune your website and boost traffic, which in turn boosts revenue. Start making your websites more visible in search engines and making more money!