Ripoff Report & Negative Reviews Removal Service

Ripoff Report & Negative Reviews Removal Service

Need help getting fictitious reports cleaned from the first page of Google?

Contact us today and have those reports pushed to page 2 of Google where they belong.

If you’re looking for someone to do business with in the information age, where is the first place you look? The answer for the vast majority of us is the internet. Search engines help us find plumbers to Zoologists, and everything in-between. So, it stands to reason that if you run a business, you want the search engines to say only nice things about you.,, and a few others seem to want to get in the way of that by allowing anyone to signup and post a bad story about you or your company and they can do it all 100% anonymously. That old worker you fired for being a bum? Your arch business rival? Doesn’t matter who it is, that can make the post and immediately tarnish your good name.

The most significant factor in deciding whether someone will do business with you is trust. Trust that you’ll deliver what you promise and are worthy of their time and money. Anything that erodes that trust is damaging to both you and your business. Ripoff reports are a relatively recent idea that seems to be gaining ground fast. The reports that disgruntled consumers can post to highlight companies they feel have ripped them off or fallen short of their promises.

The term was coined by the founder of, Ed Magedson when he launched his consumer website in 1998. The site provides a forum where consumers who feel they have been duped, cheated, scammed or just treated badly. The idea is excellent, providing consumers a legitimate forum to air their grievances and perhaps prevent other people falling foul of the same treatment.

The problem is in the execution. A quick read of some of the posts shows you that anyone, from anywhere can post about almost anything. The site takes no responsibility for the content and will never, ever remove a ripoff report. That means anyone with an axe to grind can post negative comments about a business. Not only does the website feature highly in the search engines, but so do the reports. That means anyone searching for a business online is bound to see ripoff reports, if any exist.

If you run a business that’s mentioned on a ripoff report you can offer a rebuttal, but this just adds to the problem, as this will also be indexed by the search engines. From a business perspective, the best course of action is reputation management. If you run a company that has had a ripoff report filed against it, get in touch with a reputation specialist like and let them help you regain your good name. They can’t remove the ripoff reports, but they can bury it under the weight of positive material about your business.

The process is a combination of SEO, PR, advertising and marketing. The reputation specialist will produce a significant amount of positive material about your company, target it and release it into the world. This will “bury” the ripoff report further down the search engine results and will lessen the impact of it. It will also further publicize your business and give it much greater exposure on the internet.

So if you run a business with a ripoff report against it, all is not lost. Contact Not only will they bury the report, protecting your business and your reputation, but they will also boost your position in the search engines.