How to Make Your Website Homepage Successful

How to Make Your Website Homepage Successful

The success of your website is important if you are going to run a business online. Of course you might have a local Austin, TX store front, but being able to reach the entire Austin community online is one of the only ways that you can hope to compete in today’s marketplace.One of the most important parts of your website happens to be the homepage. Your homepage is usually the first page that people see, so it is important that it grabs their attention. When you are ready to create your own homepage, here are some tips and ideas that you can use for results that are successful.

Make Sure the Homepage Loads Quickly
First, when you are trying to make your homepage a successful one, you need to make sure that the homepage loads quickly. You have a short amount of time to grab the attention of your visitors. However, if you waste time with a homepage that takes a long time to load, there is a good chance that you will lose visitors. Try to use only a few images to keep it from taking a long time to load. Also ensure that your HTML has no errors. Keeping your pages less than 20kb in size can also help as well.

Don’t Simply Throw Up Some Images
Some people think that creating a homepage simply involves throwing up a few images on the front page. This is not the case. Homepages that only have graphics or flash intros don’t end up being ranked well within the best search engines. Make sure that your homepage has more to offer the search engines and the visitors to your site.

Ensure You Have Plenty of Content
When it comes to your homepage, content is going to be important. Since you shouldn’t just throw up images on the page, you will need to fill some of the area with good content. You can add content that is related to your products or you can simply show your products on your homepage and add some content to go along with them. Just ensure that your content has related keywords included for the best search engine results.

Add in Headings and Subheadings
As you are making your homepage, you should add in headings and subheadings on the homepage as well. Big blocks of content are not a good options, since they look extremely daunting. Use short paragraphs and use headings and subheadings on them to break things up. This makes your text more readable to those who visit the page.

Never Use Popups
You should never use popups on your homepage, since this is especially annoying to people that visit your webpage. In fact, most people will end up leaving your homepage and never looking at another page on your website if you use popups on the main page. In fact, it’s actually best to avoid using them on any part of your website. Most people use popup blockers anyway, so your popups may not even be seen anyway.