Our Process

This is our project process overview. Get a better feel for how we handle
your project from start to completion.

Having a clear understand of your customer s and business will help us to design the best site possible to ensure you are getting the highest ROI from your marketing plan. This initial analysis will also help to establish baselines and create tracking metrics to help measure the effectiveness of your new site and e-marketing plan.

Components of analysis

• Study of customer demographics
• Definition of Target Geographic Market Area
• Services and Products
• Average Transaction Size
• Cost of New Customer Acquisition
• Corporate Branding and Logo
• Current Marketing Plan
• Marketing Budget
• Current Online Presence

In this stage we craft a timeline and define all of the products components so that there is a clear, detailed plan to work from. This plan will include the definition of the sites foundational page structure including a comprehensive explanation each pages features and functionality. This ensures the end design is exactly what you are looking for, eliminating surprises and disappointment.

Since a website is only as good as its functionality our design team works to create simple, yet elegant designs that focus on functionality and professionalism. Throughout the design process our creative team will update with images of the design and using your input to create a final design that exceeds your expectations

During this process our developers are always focusing on coding your site to maximize its SEO potential.
We will work with you to make sure that you have enough unique, relevant content on your site to allow Google, Bing and Yahoo! to index and rank your site in the appropriate categories. If necessary we will use our team of professional content writers to give your site the polished, professional feel you want. After all, a beautiful site isn’t worth anything unless it produces results and captures traffic.

At this point we help you become familiar with the content management system (CMS), so that you are easily able to make updates to your site without the need of web professional. We will walk you through the set-up phase and perform several sample changes with you until you are comfortable with the system.

In the final stage we take your site from our server and put it live on the host of your choice. If you are replacing an existing site we make sure that the transition is seamless in order to prevent any downtime. Not sure what host to use? No problem, we can help you select one, or you can opt to host on our private server for only $20 a month.