Choosing the Right Austin Web Design Company

Choosing the Right Austin Web Design Company

Finding a good company to do anything takes a little research and a little effort. Finding the right Austin web design company is no different. If you have no experience in website design, treat the process the same as you would if seeking a plumber, contractor or real estate agent. That means shopping around, checking them out, getting references and meeting them.  It’s easy to become intimidated to technical jargon, complicated terms and geek speak but a good web design company will speak your language. They will appreciate that not everybody lives on the internet, so will communicate in a way you are happy with.

Shopping Around
There are dozens of high quality web design companies in San Francisco, so you have quite a choice when first starting out. That makes shopping around more important. Visit their own websites, check their portfolios and select two or three who match the style you’re looking for.
Look at local business forums to see if there are recommendations, ask the question yourself if you want to. Check other local resources such as your Chamber of Commerce or the Better Business Bureau for suggestions.

Check Them Out
Spend some time looking at the site they create to ensure they look and feel right, that they are of a high enough quality and reflect a similar style to what you’re looking for. Then look at the web design company’s services page. What do they offer as part of the package? What would you have to pay extra for? Does it include search engine optimization and marketing?  All these things are important, so get the information you need to make the right decision. Once you have your shortlist, contact each and talk to them. Compare features, prices, what’s included and what isn’t. Don’t just go on the price, but overall value.

Get References
Ask for references and check them out. There is no better way to get a feel for the web design company that asking previous customers. They will of course be positive, but they will give you an idea of how they work, how responsive they are and how their after-sales support is.  It’s also important to ask these clients if their websites are delivering on their goals. While the site may look good, if it’s purpose was to convert customers and it isn’t doing that, something went wrong somewhere.

Gut feeling is an important decision making tool, don’t underestimate it. Take your shortlist of candidates and arrange a consultation with them. Most good web design companies will offer this initial meeting free of charge so take advantage of it.
The meeting is a good time to get a feeling of the people and how they work. Do they communicate clearly? Do they listen more than talk? Do they ask lots of questions? Can they achieve what you want them to? Do they have examples of having done it before?
If the answer is yes to all those, they may be a good fit and may be worthy of your time and money.  Thought Mechanics is an Austin Web Design Company that specializes in helping medium to small businesses create a professional web presence to represent their business in the Austin, TX area.