Austin Video Production

Austin Video Production

Thought Mechanics Web Design can help you harness thepower of video for your brand.

Businesses have long known that audio visual messages are the most effective marketing medium. Just look at how much companies are willing to pay to have their ads featured on primetime shows.

For example, it is estimated that businesses paid around $4 million each for a 30 second slot in Super Bowl XLVI.  Web video from Thought Mechanics costs the tiniest fraction of that, yet can potentially reach just as many people!

Our range of professional, affordable video productions are the best way to reach out to your audience and communicate on their level. You can host the video on your own site or post it somewhere like YouTube, or both if you like.

The Thought Mechanics Austin Web Design team can produce high quality:

  • Web video
  • Corporate videos
  • Marketing and promotional videos
  • Educational video production
  • And much more…

“Broadcasting is dead, long live narrowcasting!”

Despite the cost of having an ad slot on primetime TV, television advertising is no longer considered cost effective. As an audience, we have grown tired of the same old messages being broadcast and are increasingly “ad-blind.”

Narrowcasting, or the targeting of specific audiences for your video is regarded as a much better way to spend your advertising dollar. That’s why all the major brands use video on their websites and in their marketing campaigns.

Instead of paying to have your video broadcast to a random audience, you can now narrowcast it to your target audience. The conversion rate is much higher and the production costs are much lower.

To learn more about what video production can do for your business, contact Thought Mechanics video production team today!

As a fully integrated digital agency, Thought Mechanics firmly believes web videos and rich-media content will revolutionize the way people use the internet over the next few years. It makes sense to get in on the act now and enjoy all the benefits this medium offers.

If you would like to find out more about video production for your web business, contact us. We’re here to help.