10 Free HTML Templates for Your Company Website

10 Free HTML Templates for Your Company Website

When you have a business, one of the things you need to make sure of is that you keep up with the changing times. Today, things are changing quicker than ever before and keeping up can sometimes be expensive. However, there are free HTML Templates that are out there, which will accommodate the type of business that you run.

Overall, it is important to keep your site in the best possible shape. In addition, clean and simple sites will often serve as a compliment to many of the businesses. Since having a business is something that takes a lot of time, we have taken the time to do the searching for you. Below you will find 10 free HTML templates for your company.

1. Metamorphosis Watersplash

The Metamorphosis Watersplash theme is a two column blue site with a fixed width design. Overall, the website template is a perfect selection for someone who wants to add a little to a boring professional website.  In addition, one of the great things about the template is the blue color that it uses, which is known as one of the colors that gets people to buy more often from them, since it tends to signify a trusting color.

2. Metamorph Metaform from Metamorphosis Design

The Metamorph theme is a black and blue themed design. It has a fixed width in addition to having two columns. The template is a very professional looking them, with a clean and simple looking design that does not scream boring.

metamorph metaform

3. Template 45 from WebpageTemplates Catalog

The Template45 theme is an attention grabbling theme that uses a combination of black, grey, blue, and orange within its theme. The theme has two fixed width columns. In addition, there is a right-sidebar that is included within this theme as well.


4. Template 44 from WebpageTemplates Catalog

The Template44 theme uses a design that is great for any company that currently concentrates on real estate as their main business. On the front of the website theme features a shack as the main image. Primarily, blue, grey, and orange are the main colors that are used within the theme. The design uses a two column design, which is not fixed width.


5. Template 42 from WebpageTemplates Catalog

The Template42 designed theme uses black, grey, and orange within the primary style of the theme design. The website template looks as if it costs money, however it is a well designed free theme. This template is a perfect design for any company, whether they are small or large. Overall, the design of the template follows a two column fixed width design, that also includes a right sidebar as well.


6. Template 41 from WebpageTemplates Catalog

Template41 uses white as the main color. The additional colors that make up the theme is blue, grey, and orange. In addition, there are two columns within the theme that are fixed width. Additionally, there is a right sidebar as well.


7. Template 36 from WebpageTemplates Catalog

Template36 is a very refined looking theme. It looks very professional and additionally looks very clean looking. In general, the site looks as if it would cost you a lot of money. The theme has two columns and is a simple and free website template that is sure to work well with any company website.


8. Template 35 from WebpageTemplates Catalog

The template35 theme is a great colorful and alluring website template. The template looks very inviting and fresh in the way that it presents the brown, grey, and magneta colors within the theme. The refreshing theme has two columns in addition to a sidebar on the left side.


9. Template 30 from WebpageTemplates Catalog

Magneta is the primary color that is used within the Template30 design. The template has two columns and is a free website template that will work well with many different kinds of companies. Overall, the theme is more on the feminine side, however it is sure to work well with a variety of different types of companies as a free website theme.


10. Template 31 from WebpageTemplates Catalog

Another theme that uses a lot of magneta within the theme design is the template31 website template. Some of the other colors that you will find within the theme is black and red. This theme is not as feminine in the way it is designed. Actually, the way that the theme has been designed around its two column fixed width design, makes it a good option for a number of different website templates.