10 Best Simplistic WordPress Themes

10 Best Simplistic WordPress Themes

Word Press, as most people know, is one of the most complete and well-made blog and CMS softwares, winning the CMS of the year award for 2009. Having evolved from a simplistic blog software, it has become one of the most widely used open source software solutions to building a web site.

The learning curve is remarkably short, the plugins and add-ons that are available for WordPress to extend its functionality are remarkable. You can iterally creating anything that you might desire from the WordPress site, from a secure CMS to a multi-user blog setup.

What makes it even more special is the wide array of users who love the software and spend time developing low cost or free themes for use with WordPress. Realistically there are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of the WordPress themes on websites all across the internet, developed by open source developers who offer them free of charge, or for nominal fees.

The Top Ten Most Impressive Minimalist WP Themes are:

Number 10 – Structure for WordPress

Modern and simplistic it comes from a company called Organic Themes. With a content slider, a template for portfolio pages as well as the ability to use multiple color schemes in the WordPress, Structure offers an outstanding theme with clean lines. Never underestimate the value of white space.

Structure for WordPress

Number 9 – Canvas

Canvas isn’t limited to anything at all by the nature of the design. With more than ninety different options for the back end control of the design and structure, you’re certainly going to be able to use it for just about anything at all. It is simplistic, minimalist, and clean as a whistle, or can be used as the framework for something entirely different. There are a wide assortment of layouts and various sidebar changes that can be made as well as an option to build it using custom navigation. So easy a child could manage it, Canvas is an outstanding addition to any website at a very cost effective price.


Number 8 – Artistica

When used to build a portfolio or gallery pages, Artistica excels, offering you a home page that can be fully customized using widgets. Easy to use, Artistica is as simple in function as it is in layout and style.


Number 7 – Organic Block

Organic Themes team offers you a very stylish look at simplistic WordPress themes. Built in options for Twitter feeding as well as featured content sliders and a great array of other options make this a very positive addition to your WordPress site.

Organic Block

Number 6 – Proudfolio

Coming to you from Proud Themes, this simply understated theme brings you the ability to widgetize your home page as well as to use the featured content gallery and nested navigations. Outstanding in both looks and easy use.


Number 5 – Minimal

The words totally elegant are the only way to describe this minimal and simple design. Featured based on the home pages you also have the ability to make the blog layout that many uses favor. Including multiple color schemes and a wide array of options for the theme.


Number 4 – Prospectum

Clean, crisp and sleek, Viva Themes brings you the business theme that is right for any kind of business. Full featured and easy to use, there are some very unique and interesting options available on Prospectum.


Number 3 – Daily Edition

Very clean and very well laid out, Daily edition offers no less than 16 different color themes as a great deal more besides. Completely customize every aspect of your WordPress site.

Number 2 – Smoke and Mirrors

Nothing short of spectacular, Smoke and Mirrors is an Obox designed theme and offers you options such as voting systems, auto resizing of your images, as well as control of your menu and an incredible options panel for controlling the back end functions.

Smoke and Mirrors

Number 1 – The Top Minimalist or Simplistic WordPress Theme is Thesis

Still reigning champion what can you say about a master theme that makes it virtually impossible to get less than the best from your WordPress site. Offering you a wide assortment of outstanding options, the Thesis WordPress theme is crisp, its clean, its easy to use and gives you every single function that you want.


You can control every aspect of your website, from the font, the color, the number and arrangement of your columns, as well as having an outstanding SEO capacity. No coding needed when you use Thesis, it’s all there.