10 Awesome & Free HTML/CSS Templates

10 Awesome & Free HTML/CSS Templates

When you are just starting out within the world of creating your own websites, it helps to find HTML and CSS templates that are free. Web templates are a great thing to use when you want to save money and time. Luckily, a number of different designers take the time to provide free templates for others to enjoy.

Many of the templates that you can find are professionally designed. Therefore, this adds to the number of templates that are available each month. Below you will find 10 awesome & free HTML/CSS templates for you to use.

[1] Jean Website

The Jean website theme is perfect for anyone who sells clothes over the internet. The website them is a multi-toned blue color, along with brown as well. As for the lettering, the links are yellow and red. The information is presented in a white color, while the theme features a blue pair of jeans.


[2] Farm

Farm is a great website template for anyone who sells goods for a farm. The theme features multi-toned browns. A darker brown outlines the area where articles or other information is written. On the side, the links look like tabbed points. Most of the writing is dark brown, over a lighter brown or beige background. In addition, the headings are a dark brown with while lettering.


[3] Photographer

Photographer is a great site theme for anyone who sells his or her own photography. The top of the website features the links in a light brown and is set on top of a dark brown background. In addition, there is a bird photo with a paperclip shown on the corner. Predominately, the site is a light brown coloring with black lettering. Additionally, the read more lettering is white over orange and looks as if a comment balloon.


[4] Fruit Art

Overall, fruit art is a great theme for anyone who likes to do art. It is a very clean theme with grey links, as well as a yellow box with grey lettering. In addition, the highlighting of the words are red. Most of the site is a black and grey theme. Additionally, there is a nice picture of a fruit basket with oranges, limes, and apples, as well as cranberries. In addition, there are some green and brown leaves.


[5] Particles Websites

The Particles Websites theme features a futuristic style and is perfect for anyone who works a lot with technology. The site integrates, green, black, and white for the main theme style. In addition, it has an area where people can perform a search. When one of the links is selected, it turns green.


[6] Corporate

The corporate theme would work well for any professional website. It is a simple and clean theme with a teal and white linked bar on the top of the site. Below that, it has an area for a photo in addition to a black background with white lettering on top. Under it, is another area where it is all white with black lettering and blue links in order for people to read more on the material.


[7] Enterprise Solutions

The Enterprise Solutions theme is great for any corporate website. It has a clean design, along with a black and grey background. It additionally has an area for the company logo, as well as the company name. The lettering is orange, white, and black. The links on the top are grey.

enterprise solutions

[8] Fashion Blog

The Fashion Blog could actually be used in a variety of different ways. Some of the ways are such things as selling books, along with other types of things. The background is a marble grey with brown. Most of the lettering is yellow, black, or white. In addition, there is a place for them to put a photo as well.

fashion blog

[9] Lily Pads

The Lily Pads theme has the potential to be used in a variety of different ways. With the right skills, the photo with the lily pads and fish can be changed as well. The photo is surrounded with multi-tones of grey. Below that area is a white background with the heading in a black coloring with white lettering.

lily pads

[10] Skipopia

The Skipopia website theme is another site theme that is good for anyone who has their own business. The predominant colors are blue, while the other color is white. The theme is great for any site that is geared towards more of a professional or corporate use.